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The best time of year to do timber harvesting is in the winter when the ground is frozen. August can be a good month too, providing there was little rainfall. We understand the landowner's concerns and know how to harvest tress without leaving big ruts or trenches in the ground.

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These photos show well managed skid roads.  A skid road is a road that the skidder (the equipment used to harvest) drives on.  After the tress are harvested, you can seed the area if you'd like and use it for a recreational path. 

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Theses photos show a well managed landing. The trees that are harvested are pulled up the skid row onto the landing. 

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The truck is loaded with timber and ready to leave. 


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This photo shows the land left in good shape after timber harvesting is completed.  

With proper planning, timber harvesting helps forests thrive.  We are very selective when harvesting trees. We leave trees standing and never remove trees that have trunks of 10" diameter or less. 

The trees that are left standing are now less crowed and will receive more sunlight and flourish in growth. Timber harvesting also offers more space for outdoor recreation and wildlife habitat. 

        Prices vary according to species of trees and acreage.  Please call (845) 295-9005 or email us for more information.


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